Dietetic errors, hormonal modifications (pregnancy, aging) and often the lack of physical activities are responsible for the appearance of unsightly plumpness.
Liposculpture by means of liposuction allows the correction of such fatty surplus for a long time.
The usual zones treated are the abdominal area, hips, saddle bag , internal sides of thighs, knees and neck.
This sort of surgery has nothing to do with the one applied to obese people when just a loss of weight is the solution.
Cellulite (orange-like skin) can't he treated with liposuction.

Liposculpture is practised under local anaesthesia or under epidural block and requires a few hours to one day in hospital.
By means of small incisions of a few millimetres, hollow canulas are introduced to suck the fat. The nearer we approach the skin, the thinner the canulas, to avoid contour irregularities including depression or wrinkling of the skin. The routes of canulas are criss-crossed to obtain an homogeneous slimming. Post-operative instructions

A compressive dressing must be worn during 2 or 3 weeks. Ecchymoses are usual, the more as lipoaspiration is superficial.
The swelling of the treated zones is inevitable during the first week. That swelling will progressively disappear within three months.

Apart from usual and rare complications of any surgical act (anaesthetic accidents, haematoma, infections and healing problems) there are few specific problems concerning lipoaspirations.
The unsightly aspects of contour irregularities are rare thanks to the use of thin canulas for superficial lipoaspiration.
A retouch under local anaesthesia can be necessary on an asymmetry to bring the result to perfection.


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