The laser enables, after a rigorous cutaneous preparation, to soften the wrinkles and lines and to stretch the relaxed and crumpled skins. This, is carried out under local anaesthesia or associated with other operations such as the surgery of eyelids or the lifting. The postoperative effects are at times a little impressive but the results can be spectacular.

Various resorbable or permanent products, being injected in deep wrinkles, soften them remarkably.
They also enable the augmentation of some volumes of the face as well as the dimples and chin.
This can also be done by lipostructure, a technique which consists in injecting fat, removed from the same patient. If the surgical gesture is done correctly that fat should survive like a graft.

Liposstructure of forehead and dimples

Injected at the level of the forehead and around the eyes, botulinic toxin reduces the tension of the muscles responsible for the forehead's wrinkles "the worry lines" (between the eyebrows), and also responsible for the "crow's foot" (edges of the eye).
We then obtain a spectacular rejuvenation of these areas, however, these injections must be repeated every 6 months.

Injection of botulinic toxin at the level of the forehead


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