The aging of eyelids evokes sadness and tiredness.
Aging is conveyed by the appearance of a wrinkle on the upper eyelid and pouches on the lower eyelid.
The blepharoplasties correct this aspect and give back radiance and vitality to your look.

The upper and/or lower blepharoplasties are carried out under local anaesthesia and don't need hospitalisation.
For the upper eyelids the surgical gesture simply consists in the excision of the skin excess. (surplus).
For the lower eyelids, the correcting of pouches is made through the removal of the adipose balls, responsible for these pouches. The approach to this fat is achieved by an incision made under the eyelashes or through the inside of the eyelid. A cutaneous resection or a laser allows to stretch the skin again, if necessary.

Pains are non existent but a feeling of ocular discomfort may occur.
Eyelids are swollen and occasionally ecchymotical for a few days, but everything is back to normal within two weeks scars are well concealed and rapidely become very discreet.

Apart from the rare and usual complications of any surgical act (anaesthetic accidents haematoma, infection and healing problems) very few specific problems occur concerning blepharoplasties.
An ophtalmological examination is systematically practised before the intervention because this surgical operation in rare cases, may discompensate a pre-existing abnormality.


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