Breasts symbolise seduction and maternity.
When breasts are too small on a woman (hypoplasy) or reduced with a beginning of sagging after pregnancies (hypotrophy) they might not be well accepted by the woman in question.

Prothesis are made of a silicone shell membrane and contain either a liquid, a physiological salt solution or a silicone gel.

Implants are placed axillary via the armpit or via the areolar passages.
The implants are generally put in place behind the main muscle which crosses the thorax (pectoral muscle).

The operation is carried out under general anesthetic which lasts about one hour and ends with the application of an adhesive bandage which will model the new breasts.
Length of hospitalisation : 24 hours.

Pains, at times sharp, in the breasts and arms are completely normal in the beginning and a few days rest is recommended.
Bruises on the lower part of the breast are normal, they disappear within 2 or 3 weeks.
For the 3 months following the operation, you might notice :
- A numbness in arms and breasts
- Unpleasant feelings in the area of the areolae
- A feeling of tension and "pricking" in the breasts
- A swollen aspect of the breasts
The scars under the armpits have at times an irregular and puckered aspect for the first weeks.
This latter aspect will progressively lessen as well as the redness which will also disappear within 6 to 12 months.



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