Pregnancies and aging modify the stomach.
We can have a moderately distended stomach for which an aesthetic intervention (including a lipoaspiration and a little lifting of the abdomen) is sufficient and gives only a short scar in the pubis.
We may have a much more damaged stomach with an abdominal droop. In this case, the opération associates a lipoaspiration, a restoration in muscular tension and an important cutaneous resection. The scar will be long, rarely discreet in the first years, but the result on the silhouette will be spectacular.
In this second case, the health insurance will partly reimburse the cost of the operation.

It is practised under general or local-regional anaesthesia and lasts 1 to 2 hours 30.
Hospitalisation lasts 3 to 5 days according to the importance of the surgical gesture .

Pains are varied
An abdominal panty must be worn during a month. Ecchymoses will disappear within 2 weeks. A stomach numbness is quite normal for several weeks.
Hygieno-dietetic rules are strict and 2 months after the operation, a re-education of the abdominal muscular wall enables to improve and refine the result.

Apart from usual and rare complications of any surgical act (anaesthetic accidents, haematoma, infections and healing problems) there are few specific problems for abdominoplasties.
Problems of healing with cutaneous necrosis are rare, but can be more frequent among smokers.
With important abdominoplasties a serous effusion can be normal but very rare during the second week but it does not jeopardize the final result.


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